JS Teamwear – https://www.jsteamwear.co.uk
All of our fabulous team kit comes from Jane and her team at JS Teamwear. We also have great fun choosing all the Christmas presents from here too: from polo’s to hoodies, coats and rugs, mugs to bags … they can do it all!


Childeric Saddles – https://www.childericsaddles.co.uk
Life changing saddles! Perfect fit – with a really good ongoing support service. These saddles really make a difference to riders positions and a horse’s way of going. 

Dengie Logo

Dengie Horse feeds – https://dengie.com
We are a big fan of the Dengie Alpha range. All of our horses have this as the basis of their diets. 


Keyflow Feeds – https://keyflowfeeds.com
We started initially feeding Pink Mash to all of our horses as a lot of research has shown the benefit of feeding pre and pro biotic for ulcer control and prevention. This also meant we could cut down the use of supplements. We now also are big fans of Sensicare mix – for those who are prone to ulcers and need to keep weight on, and Maestro – rocket fuel for my best horse!


NAF Equine – https://www.naf-equine.eu/uk/
All of our performance horses get extra joint support using Senior Super Flex to help them perform at the top of their game. We also love all of the NAF pampering products!! From Shampoo to Tail spray and hoof oil – it helps us look our best too! 


Agria Pet Insurance. – https://www.agriapet.co.uk
We have recently moved all our horses and dogs to this great insurance company. This has saved a huge amount of money in premiums and we also have the piece of mind of life-time cover. 


Sundown Bedding – https://sundownproducts.co.uk/equine/
After trialling lots of different types of bedding – we have fallen in love with Sundown! We use a combination of the straw pellets and the chopped rapeseed straw (Yellow bedding). This enables us to run a part deep litter system – saving staff hours and our muck heap!

Suppliers to Tinderbox Sport Horses


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Andrew Ward

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Riseholme Feeds

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