Hire is subject to our full Terms & Conditions of Horsebox Rental.

Read the Full Terms & Conditions HERE.


Night Before Pick-Up

• You can pre-book to pick-up the horsebox the night before for £20. Please note, however, this cannot be guaranteed as the day’s before booking takes precedence. In such cases, you will be notified asap and the £20 charge will be refunded.

• Only named drivers meeting our eligibility and identification criteria and signing the Hire Agreement may drive the horsebox.

• We hire to drivers aged 22-24 year olds.

• We will not rent out the horsebox to persons:

– with more than 6 motoring conviction points in the past 5 years;

– with non-motoring convictions, unless spent;

– having a medical condition declarable to the relevant licence issuing authority, unless such condition has been declared and a licence or letter of authorisation to drive issued;

– who have had any insurance declined, cancelled, rental refused or special terms imposed on them;

– who, in the last three years, have had more than one fault accident or more than two non-fault accidents (a “fault accident” being where a 100% recovery of all costs from a third party has not been made); or

– involved in the following occupations: professional sports, professional entertainment, gambling industry, press of any sort and, foreign services, unless a UK or EU licence has been held for two years unless our insurer consents to the rental (which may incur an additional fee).

• Each driver must produce their original photo card licence or pre-1998 paper-only licence before we will release the horsebox. We will not accept copies.In addition each driver must present the following identification when collecting the horsebox:

a.  Atleast one utility bill, or other bill except mobile telephone bills, that are less than 90 days old and that identify each driver with their address and licence; and

b. Unless the driving licence produced is a photo card licence, a original passport or photo ID card.

We strongly recommend that horses carried are insured and accustomed to travelling.

• Strictly no smoking.

• Strictly no dogs are allowed in the horsebox including cab area.

• Maximum daily mileage allowance is 300 miles.

• Horsebox must be returned:

– by agreed time on the last day of the hire period.

– late return. You can pre-book a late return between 6.30-9.30pm for £20. A charge of £30 for late return without prior agreement will be applicable.

– with a full tank of diesel.

– clean with horse area fully swept out.

Security deposit may be called upon if you:

– Exceed the mileage allowance (charged at 35p per mile).

– Return the horsebox late – after 6.30pm unless by prior arrangement (£30 charge).

– Return the horsebox with less than full a tank of diesel (£20 charge plus fuel).

– If the horsebox is damaged (cost of damage).

– If you return the horsebox insufficiently cleaned (£40 charge).