• We will be holding 2-day adult camps at the Tinderbox.
  • Small, friendly, family run camps to cater for all levels.
  • The focus will be on fun as well as improvement in all phases. Maximum groups of 3 to allow for greater development.
  • Sessions will include test riding, grids, SJ courses and XC technique.
  • Free trial of 4DflexiSPORT Rider Gilet included in test ride.
  • These camps will also look at goal setting and motivation to help set you up for the season or to deal with any problems that you have encountered.
  • In addition, for evening fun there will be access to the hot tub and a variety of added extras that you can choose from. Come and enjoy some time away with your horse.  These are fully catered camps too – so you can concentrate on what’s important – you and your horses’ development.



Alternatively, if you haven’t got the time to dedicate to a full 2-day Spa Camp then a Day Camp is ideal. These shorter camps are a fun, informative day away with your horse!

As with the Spa Camps, Tina ensures that all levels are catered for. So whether you have a young horse, are a nervous rider, just want to tackle trotting poles or are looking to move up the grades then your day will be tailored to you.

The Camp is comprised of two lessons, lunch, a visiting speaker and a sit down planning session (normally with cake!) plus lots of optional extras available.

If you are struggling to maintain focus at competitions or your horse tends to get excited away from your yard, then these Camps are ideal preparation. They can bridge the gap between all your hard work at home and competition day.

Get in touch with Tina directly if you want more details on the Camps or, if you would like to discuss your exact requirements.