Tina is passionate about developing peoples’ confidence and giving them a systematic approach that is transferable under all circumstances. She is a huge believer in getting the basics right to have a strong underlying foundation of correct training.

She is constantly developing herself both as a coach and a rider – so can pass this on to her clients. As well as being a Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship (BHS Instructor in old terms) and a UKCC Level 3 Coach, she recently became a Centre 10 Advanced Coach – completing a 6 month course on Applied Psychology in Equestrian Coaching. This has enabled a deeper understanding of motivation, confidence and goal setting. Developing her training to not only be on a physical skills level – but also to go deeper into the riders mental motivation and to help overcome any barriers that may be present.


Riding Lessons by UKCC Level 3 Coach

Tina is available for both private and shared lessons at The Tinderbox. Weekends and evening sessions are available around her competition schedule.

She aims to support riders and work with them to build confidence. The basics will always be improved but sessions are varied and fun with lots of homework!

Sessions can be tailored to your requirements, so it is possible to do half flat and half jump to get maximum value. Pole work sessions can also be used as these can be easily replicated at home.

Grid sessions early season get horses and riders going and course jumping both on grass (weather permitting!) and a surface are available. We also have an expanding XC field including ditches, banks, water and lots of ‘skinnies’ so the technical side of XC can be done without extra hire costs.

Prices for lessons are:

  • Private Session: £50
  • Shared session: £35
  • Goal setting and planning session: £60
  • Gift certificates for lessons / clinics are also available to purchase. Valid for 1 year.

A Bit More About Tina’s Approach as a Coach

What have been your major highlights as a coach? Achieving my BHSI was always a huge goal – but the APEC program has really re-ignited my love of coaching. 

How can you help a rider achieve their goals? The biggest thing is to listen to what motivates them and what holds them back – then build the former and break down the later. 

What do you like about coaching? Lightbulb moments! They make it all worthwhile.

What are your pet hates as a Coach? The words can’t or won’t 

What 3 words sum you up as a Coach? Positive, empathetic, realistic. 

What 3 words sum up your philosophy as a coach? KEEP – IT – SIMPLE! 

If you had the power what one thing would you make compulsory in a lesson and one thing you would ban? Compulsary – long low stretching warm up and cool down.  Ban – excuses & blame! 

How has becoming a Centre 10 Advanced Coach in Applied Rider Psychology changed the way that you coach? Definitely – it has made me think much more about the big picture of the riders whole life / influences as often they are the things getting in the way of progression and enjoyment.

What one tip would you give to a rider looking for a coach? Find a coach that genuinely listens to you, questions your reasons / motivations and that you get on with as a person too.

If you are looking for a Coach for you or a group of friends just give Tina a call for an informal chat.