Introducing New Equine Theraplate Therapy for Hire 


We are really excited to have added a Theraplate to the list of equestrian services and facilities offered by the yard.  Our Theraplate is permanently based at Tinderbox Sport Horse on the A17 near Newark, Nottingham and is therefore easy to access a few miles off of the A1 and A46. 

In her role as a professional event rider and Equine Science Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University Tina did not make the decision to buy another bit of therapy kit lightly.  She read up a lot on the Theraplate and Wave Vortex Stimulation System as well as visiting several professional riders who swear by them.  As a result, Tina finally decided that it would be a good investment to not only support horses in hard work but to also aid a horse’s recovery and rehabilitation.   

Offering this new service provides a cost-effective way for other horse owners to benefit from this therapy.  Particularly if you only have 1 or 2 horses that would benefit from Theraplate therapy or you only need to use the Theraplate whilst your horse is recovering from injury. 

Key Equine Performance, Condition and Rehabilitation Benefits 

Tina’s Advanced Horse ‘Just a Game’ using the Theraplate

Full details of the science and benefits of Theraplate can be found on their website (click HERE).  They key areas that attracted Tina in investing in this therapy were: 

  • Reducing inflammation and swelling after work. 
  • Improving healing post injury or surgery.  The Vortex Wave Circulation delivers a centrifugal force.  This circular force/motion results in involuntary muscle contraction which in turn promotes blood circulation. 
  • Pre-workout warm up. Helps to improve circulation, warm muscles up and loosen joints.  
  • Post workout warm down. Helps with circulation to remove lactate and boost recovery.  
  • Most horses – once acclimatised,  also find it very relaxing.  

Since purchasing the Theraplate, Tina and her Head Groom have started to routinely use it on the horses at Tinderbox.  Both for those that are in work or on box rest.  Even in a relatively short time, they have been really pleased with how easily horses have accepted the therapy and with the results.  We have also trialled it with older horses who come out stiff and have had great results – horses are looser, more forward and in front of the aids to start.  

Booking a Session 

Tinderbox Sport Horses have made it super easy for you to hire the Theraplate and visit Tinderbox for a session.  You don’t have to wait for the Theraplate to visit your area; you can book a day or time that suits you.  They have also placed the Theraplate in the professionally built horse stocks to improve safety for the horse and handler.  This also helps you if you come unassisted for subsequent sessions. 

Booking is online so it is simple for you to look up availability and book a session.  Your first session will be 40 minutes so that Tina or her Head Groom can familiarise you and your horse with the Theraplate and explain the programmes available.  All subsequent sessions have 30 minutes allocated to give you plenty of time to set your horse up and tidy away afterwards. Recommended treatment times are 20mins. Furthermore, as Theraplate therapy is advocated to be used regularly then packages of 10 sessions and 5 sessions have been created at a discounted price. 

Theraplate Session Prices 

First session: £20 

Standard sessions £15 

Package of 10 sessions (after first session): £100 (£10 per session).

Package of 5 sessions (after first session): £62.50 (£12.50 per session)