As a professional Event Rider, University level Lecturer, Centre 10 Advanced Coach in Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches and Testt Certified Coach Tina is able to use her experience and skillset to develop both non-competitive and competitive horses and riders.

Tina adopts a holistic approach to training – mental training given priority as well as skills establishment and physical symmetry.

Rider Confidence & Mindset

Suffer from nerves, loss of confidence or struggle with your focus? Learn how Tina’s Applied Psychology in Equestrian Coaching training can help you …


Rider Symmetry

Struggling with your position or compensating for an injury? Maybe you’ve received feedback on crookedness or weakness? Find out how TestT can help …


All levels of riders need help with planning a realistic strategy for success. Find out how Tina can help you save time and money.



Tina is available for both private & shared lessons. Sessions are tailored to your requirements and are available weekends and weekends. Find out more …



As an Advanced Eventer Tina is able to offer a full range of clinics: flat work, test riding, pole work, grids, show jumping course riding, cross country techniques. Find out more …

Spa Equestrian Camps Nottinghamshire


These provide a fun, relaxed forum for Tina to work more intensively with clients. A number of areas can be worked on in the one visit with the benefit of meeting other riders and learning from each others sessions. Learn more …

Superb Training Facilities


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What a fabulous idea!!!𝐀 𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐬𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞!Want to try a Childeric saddle for a longer period of time before committing to the investment of a new saddle? Or have a new horse who’s still changing shape? Or simply looking for a beautiful Childeric saddle but can’t afford the lump sum outlay for a new saddle. The new saddle hire service from Orange Horse Consultants could be just the thing for you! Affordable monthly payments from 3-months to 18-months. ... See MoreSee Less
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Brilliantly written and totally why I took the hard decision this year to no longer have clients horses in to sell. People want unicorns for no money. Vets vet as if everything to going 5*. The minute the horse even sneezes or looks sideways people want to send them back. No one seems to understand how stressful it is for horses to move and let them settle. People won’t admit that they have devalued the horse by upsetting it and riding it badly. Such a hard decision as I loved matchmaking and hearing how our graduates were getting on. My stress levels are somuch less having stepped off that treadmill!!Let’s discuss the unicorn in the room.... Unrealistic expectations!!I’ve seen a few wanted adverts recently and had a few enquiries with wanted lists and unrealistic accompanying price tags that left me banging my head against the wall 🤦‍♀️You CANNOT have all 3 of these things. Yes, “Karen” has probably found one of them 20years ago that she bought for £1 and it turned out to be her 5* eventer.... (So yes, it is POSSIBLE...) but.... The £1 horse probably didn’t have a 5 stage vetting with X-rays that it was expected to pass with 100% perfection and it probably took a lot of hard work and time to produce the horse into that 5* eventer and therefore by definition, it wasn’t actually cheap because it took a lot of time and money to develop. I see and hear it so often “I’ve been looking for months, had X number of horses fail the vet, been up and down the country to see horses that were misdescribed” .... I get that there are some rogues out there and I don’t envy buyers. But.... Sometimes.... Be more realistic. And be more critical before getting in the car. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is! It costs thousands to put a quality foal on the floor. It costs thousands more to keep it to 3/4years old and then it costs thousands to break it and have it at a stage where most people could safely ride it - even then it will still be very green! So we are into 5 figures and it’s only just under saddle.... NO that doesn’t mean that just because every horse cost X means it’s worth the same or more - some don’t make the grade, some aren’t easy, some don’t xray/don’t vet - but these are therefore the horses that will fall into the lower budgets. You cannot expect to have perfection for a low budget. Something has to give! A riding club horse does not need a perfect vetting - yes your insurer might want a perfect vetting, but do you need insurance? And if you need insurance and the low budget horse is likely to throw “something” up on vetting that you’re worried will cause an exclusion, do you need the vetting?! (I’m going to get blasted for that comment 😅) Or do you need a more experienced friend/trainers opinion and then buy and insure it without a vetting if it’s at a price level where it’s not needed? Most insurers don’t require a vetting under £5k unless you want loss of use and then we get back to the point that your £5k horse is unlikely to pass the vetting cleanly and therefore you’ll have exclusions.... And please let’s vet for purpose, don’t get me started on the vets that vet “Bob the cob” as if he’s going to the Olympics... ✅ Be realistic about what you want/can afford and what you can actually ride✅ Be prepared to make compromises ✅ Be more critical of adverts purporting to offer a unicorn for next to no money✅ Enlist the help of a more experienced friend/trainer to guide you ❌ don’t rule out an older horse or one that requires maintenance if it does your job ❌ do not expect perfection if you haven’t got a big enough budgetI’m sure this will bring out the “it’s not fair, not everyone has a huge budget to spend on a horse” argument. Well guess what, LIFES not fair... those with a big budget can afford to have a long wish list and wait for said unicorn! Everyone else, needs to be realistic 😅Edit to add - this post is talking about the sane, sensible horses... you CAN have sound, talented and cheap..... but I guarantee it will be quirky or difficult and most people can’t ride those 😅 ... See MoreSee Less
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