Tina was fortunate to come up through Pony Club, U18s and Young Riders.  She benefitted from early training from Gill Watson, Yogi Breisner MBE, Capt Alwyn Varley, Ian Stark OBE and Jean Rogerson. 

Her aim was always to forge a career working competitively with horses and she completed Bsc (Hons) In Equine Science at NTU in parallel with her competition schedule.

In 1990 her parents purchased The Tinderbox – her base to this day and Tinderbox Sport Horses was born.  The yard was never intended to be a business but, it has grown organically to facilitate Tina’s competitive and coaching agendas

Since 2001 Tina also works as a Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University.  This complements her coaching and ensures that she is current in equestrian based research and technology, work placements and safeguarding.  

In 2009 she gained her BHSI (now Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship) and in 2017 became an Centre 10 APEC Advanced Coach. In 2021 she became a Testt ® certified coach. This focuses on rider symmetry and position using innovative warm up, band and taping techniques.


As well as continuing her passion to coach riders of all abilities, Tina enjoys using her wealth of experience of horsemanship and running a business, to regularly mentor young riders and newly qualified coaches.  In addition, she has provided consultancy advice to riding equipment manufacturers and to the Royal Agricultural College. 


Tina – The Competitor

What are your main motivations for doing eventing?
I see it as a complete challenge of a horse and rider’s partnership and trust. 

What do you most enjoy about eventing?
The camaraderie of the sport, the amazing venues that we get to ride around; and, the feel of a young horse learning its job and enjoying it! 

What do you feel your main strengths are?
Resilience! Being able to cope when things don’t go to plan and turn it around into a training opportunity.

To date what professional achievement are you most proud of?
Bouncing back from a career threatening injury was pretty huge for me – not being sure if I’d be able to ride properly again, then working hard and feeling better than ever! 

How would you describe your own working style?
Constant!! One of my many faults is trying to be super human and fit too much in – but it all usually works out due to my amazng team! 

How would your horses describe you?
Demanding but very fair, confidence-giving I hope! 

If you had the power what one thing would you make compulsory in a stables and one thing you would ban?
Compulsory – lots of variety in their work and lots of turnout.  Ban – total isolation and stabling too much. 

Who are your current inspirations and why?
I love the way Ros Canter rides, she’s worked hard to get there and it shows. 

What is your favourite quote?
If you are persistant you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it. 

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