A Bit More About Tina’s Approach as a Coach

What have been your major highlights as a coach? Achieving my BHSI was always a huge goal – but the APEC program has really re-ignited my love of coaching. 

How can you help a rider achieve their goals? The biggest thing is to listen to what motivates them and what holds them back – then build the former and break down the later. 

What do you like about coaching? Lightbulb moments! They make it all worthwhile.

What are your pet hates as a Coach? The words can’t or won’t 

What 3 words sum you up as a Coach? Positive, empathetic, realistic. 

What 3 words sum up your philosophy as a coach? KEEP – IT – SIMPLE! 

If you had the power what one thing would you make compulsory in a lesson and one thing you would ban? Compulsary – long low stretching warm up and cool down.  Ban – excuses & blame! 

How has becoming a Centre 10 Advanced Coach in Applied Rider Psychology changed the way that you coach? Definitely – it has made me think much more about the big picture of the riders whole life / influences as often they are the things getting in the way of progression and enjoyment.

What one tip would you give to a rider looking for a coach? Find a coach that genuinely listens to you, questions your reasons / motivations and that you get on with as a person too.

If you are looking for a Coach for you or a group of friends just give Tina a call for an informal chat.