We have invested in a brand new 3.5 tonne 2 horse lorry built by Bennington Horseboxes

. This includes:

• The latest safety features – NO BREAST BAR for horses to get stuck on.

• Easy to drive and can be driven on a NORMAL CAR LICENCE.

• Good fuel ECONOMY.

• We have INSURED the lorry so it can be driven by anyone 22 & over. (22-24yrs = £20 supplement onto hire fee). Most companies will only hire to 25+.

• The CAB has a good sound system, air conditioning, seating for 3 and a large screen for a camera through to the horses & reversing.

• The HORSE AREA is very ROOMY and will take large horses easily.

• There are oversized windows for EXTRA VENTILATION and a roof vent.

• The PARTITIONS ARE FULL HEIGHT for extra safety when travelling 2 strange horses together.

• The RAMP IS VERY SHALLOW with bi-folding top doors so no chance of horses banging their heads.


• The STORAGE AREA at the back is compact to keep the weight down, but has a large back door, hanging space, locker and tack space for up to 2 saddles.

• PAYLOAD 1000kg. It is your responsibility to make sure you are within the legal weight limit.