How do I cancel my booking?
If 14 or more days before the start of your hire period click on the link in your confirmation email (received at time of booking) and follow instructions – your full refund will follow. If less than 14 days before your hire period please call or text .

What is the payload of the vehicle?
Depending on how full the fuel tank is it varies between 940-1080kg. Remember that you need to consider your number of passengers, water being carried and any other equipment into your payload.

Are my horses covered by the rental insurance for the horsebox / rental period?
No.  It is your responsibility to have horse insurance for your horses. You are also reminded that you should carry your horse(s) passport with you as this may be required by the equine rescue services.

What time can I call to check availability and book the horsebox for a multi-day booking?
You should call Tina Canton on 07966 218774 between 7am and 6.30pm, if unavailable or outside of these hours your call will go through to voicemail.

Can I book a half day hire but for different times than your standard 0700-1230 or 1300-1830 times?
Unfortunately the half-day hire periods are fixed; however, you can pre-book a late drop-off for full day and afternoon hires for a charge of £20. Just tick the appropriate box during the on-line booking process. If the vehicle is returned late without pre-booking then a £30 fee will be deducted.

Is there a mileage limit?
Yes – 300 miles. Once you go over the limit there will be a 35p per mile charge.

Do I need a special licence to drive the horsebox?
No, as long as you are between the ages of 22-75 years for insurance purposes anyone can drive the horsebox on a normal driving licence.

Why do I have to pay a damage deposit?
We ask for this to make sure we don’t lose money if there are any problems during your rental i.e.  if you return the horsebox late, damaged or very dirty, we will hold on to some or all of your deposit.

How and when do I pay the damage deposit?
You need to pay the £150 security deposit (£250 for drivers aged 22-24 years) when you come to collect the horsebox by either (a) bringing cash with you, (b) paying online via PayPal, or (c) via Bank Transfer (get Bank Details off of Tina). Please note the below additional admin fees for using PayPal or Bank Transfer for deposits.

What is the additional fee for paying my Damage Deposit using PayPal?
For the standard Damage Deposit of £150 you will pay £155 online, which includes £5 non-refundable admin fee.
For 22-24 years old Damage Deposit of £250 you will pay £258 online, which includes £8 non-refundable admin fee.

What is the additional fee for paying my Damage Deposit by Bank Transfer?
For either standard (£150) or Young Driver (£250) Damage Deposits a £5 admin fee will be deducted on refund.

How do I pay the insurance excess deposit?
When you come to collect the horsebox you should bring a valid credit or debit card. We will record your card details but no payment will be taken unless an insurance claim needs to be made.  In the unfortunate situation that TSH Transport need to take some or all of your deposit only then will a transaction will be processed. Otherwise the record of your card details will be destroyed.  Further information on the charges you may incur are detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

Can I pay with cash only?
You can pay the damage deposit in cash. However, the hire fee must be paid on-line via PayPal when making your booking. Please note that valid credit or debit card details are needed on the day to cover the insurance excess deposit.

Do you offer horsebox and driver services?
We may be able to help so please ring and discuss.

I do not meet all your hire criteria, does this mean I cannot hire a horsebox from you?
Not necessarily. If you do not meet all of the criteria we may just have to make further checks and seek additional case-by-case approvals from our insurers. Not meeting a lot of the criteria requirements will most likely result in not being able to hire our vehicles.

Can I pick up the vehicle the night before as I have an early start in the morning?
Yes, you can pre-book to pick-up the horsebox the night before for a fee of £20 – payable at the time of booking on-line. Please note, however, that this cannot be guaranteed if the vehicle has been booked for a particularly late drop-off the day before. In such cases you will be notified as soon as possible and the additional charge will be refunded.