Testt® Certified Coach

Tina has completed her training to become a Testt Certified Coach. This method addresses asymmetries in riders and uses a range of techniques to help the riders feel where they should be sitting and to help retrain their muscle memory. Having worked with Andy Thomas in the past she has seen and felt first-hand how amazing these methods are. 

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What does Testt Certified Coach Training Involve?

The coaches have been educated in the fundamentals of human anatomymuscle mechanicsproprioception (your body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location), and pain in riders.

The practical elements develop the coach’s knowledge in assessing and correcting on horse asymmetry using resistance bands, taping techniques and coaching skills. Coaches are also educated in a hands-off approach using functional testing exercises to identify and correct off horse asymmetries.

Initial Ridden Assessment

Using Testt Taping Technique

Your Testt Session

Your session will start with an assessment of you riding your horse. This is then followed by a series of off-horse tests to look at your symmetry and movement. Exercises are then given to help activate any under-utilised muscles and to try to help your body work in a more balanced way. You will then get back on your horse and work with specific bands and taping methods to help you feel where you should be. You can then use these warm-up exercises and on horse methods easily in your future sessions. 


After TestT


Initial Session                £60

Subsequent Sessions (these methods can be incorporated into standard lessons)    £50