Full Livery


Ridden or non-ridden full livery is available. Have your horses managed in 5* luxury. Great if you have limited time or just want to get on and ride your horse.  Full livery can provide you with the reassurance that your horse is being cared for and exercised when you are unable to get to the yard.

Schooling Livery


Shorter, more intense periods to teach new skills or iron-out problems. These packages are often followed with lessons to get you and your horse back on track. 

Holiday Livery

Enables you to go away on holiday knowing that your horse will be well cared for. Due to the routine and management at the yard all horses settle in quickly. As per Full Livery your horse can stay in work or just have a holiday themselves. Alternatively, you might feel that your horse would benefit from Tina schooling it whilst you are away. Again, Tinderbox can offer flexible packages to suit you and your horse.