Rider Gilet Background

In 2017 Tina managed to get a bit squashed in a Novice section at an event at Little Downham. She broke her collarbone in 4 places as well as being knocked out and explains:

“Against the Doctors wishes I insisted that I got the collarbone plated in order to try to ride again as quickly as possible. I then researched how to mend quickly and discovered something called a Clavibrace. I wish I had found this sooner as I might not have had to be plated. This gilet allowed the shoulder to be supported in the correct position to heal. I was amazed by how much it helped. After discussions with the owner of the company / designer of the Gilet, Barbara, we made an arm brace. This prevented me from lifting my arm up and damaging the injury further as of course I was trying to do too much!). 

Thankfully, I managed to return to riding within 10 days and competing by 21 when my ban was lifted. I competed wearing the gilet under my jacket as it helped so much.

I then worked with Barbara to try to design an easier to use version as a posture support aid. Hence the Rider Gilet was born! We have adapted this design until we are really happy with it and it has gained approval from many shoulder specialists and physios. I’m very proud of our work and we have several top-class riders wearing our gilet on a regular basis as part of their training – watch this space for more on that!! “

Rider Gilet in Action

Benefits of the Rider Gilet from a Riders Perspective

– Re-patterns musculoskeletal structures improving shoulder, spinal and pelvic alignment, balance, strength and aerodynamics.

– Provides essential bio-feedback for an understanding of how good posture should feel and promoting automatic correction.

– Relieves neck stiffness and associated headaches, back and shoulder pain.

– Engenders ‘core on’ muscle recruitment for musculoskeletal strength and endurance.

– Lifts the diaphragm up and away from pelvic activity generated by the action of the horse. This aids a lighter hand to horse contact.

– Maintains shoulder blade position (scapulae), close to the chest wall, for better stronger shoulder function.

– Corrects shoulder alignment without compromising the blood supply to the arms or placing pressure on brachial nerves.

– Opens the chest cavity for improved breathing capacity.

– Allows freedom of movement and the arms to reach forward and upwards without sliding up.

– Delivers a great riding position, and a happier horse-rider partnership!

– Plus, it has a removable reflective cross at the back and a light grey line at the front of each shoulder to visually gauge the levelness of the shoulders and straightness of the spine. This works with most video training/analysis apps including OBJECTIVITY.

Benefits of the Rider Gilet from a Coach Perspective

From her experience as a Coach teaching clients wearing a Rider Gilet Tina says:

“The Rider Gilet has received 100% positive feedback from clients who have ridden in them.

I have repeatedly seen a riders confidence improve as a consequence of feeling happier with their posture. The Rider Gilet helps a rider to achieve a more balanced posture throughout their training session rather than me having to continually nag or re-position them only for their brain to subconsciously override the adjustments after the first few strides of moving off.

Over a number of sessions I have found that clients have a greater awareness of their bodies and are gaining strength to maintain a stronger ‘on core’ position.”

More Details

If you would like to buy a Rider Gilet or find more information then please go to 4DFlexisport website.

Alternatively, get in touch with Tina for an informal chat or, as she holds a range of sizes at her yard, she is happy to fit or facilitate a trial during a lesson.

Riders Gilet 2